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Business Consulting

Services are available to assist clients in improving business performance with an emphasis on improving the customer experience, optimizing revenue, reducing employee turnover, and streamlining organizational processes -- each in an effort to improve business outcomes and profitability. 

Every business consulting project begins with a qualitative assessment of the challenges faced by the enterprise, during which the scope of the work will be identified necessary to complete the initial assessment phase of the consultation.

There is no cost for an initial consultation.

Phase I: Assessment

Following the initial consultation, a proposal will be presented for the assessment phase (Phase I) of the project.  During Phase I, the challenges faced by the organization will be identified, as well as possible root causes of these challenges.  This first phase typically involves interviews with key personnel, associate surveys, and analysis of key performance indicators. This initial phase of the work is conducted by Michael with the support and cooperation of organizational leadership, although Michael may employ additional resources and expertise as specified in the Phase I proposal. 

Phase II: Solution Development 

Once the challenges are identified, as well as their possible root causes, the project will move into the solution identification phase (Phase II).  Working with organizational leadership, in partnership with appropriate discipline-specific and/or industry experts, specific strategies to address the challenges identified during Phase I will be outlined, along with a timeline for their implementation.  Appropriate methodologies to assess the effectiveness of the proposed solutions, following their implementation, will also be outlined.

Phase III: Implementation

The implementation phase (Phase III) of the project will follow, during which the proposed solutions will be implemented by the firm.  At the discretion of organizational leadership, Michael and others may or may not be involved in the implementation of the solutions depending upon the level of support required by the enterprise.  

Phase IV: Effectiveness of Solution

Once the proposed solutions have been successfully implemented, the effectiveness of the solution will be determined (Phase IV), including a return on investment calculation. Again, the level of involvement by the consulting team in Phase IV will be determined by the client, although Michael will offer some level of support at no cost to the client in order to assess whether the solution proposed and implemented was effective.  

Client Control:

The client will remain in complete control of the consulting project throughout the entire process. A client will not be asked to enter into an agreement with Michael covering any more than one phase of the consultation process at a time.  Following each phase, as outlined above, the client will be able to decide if additional support or resources are needed to move the project forward.

No Risk Pricing:

Please see the FEES & HONORARIUMS page of this website for more information on how the client's satisfaction is guaranteed or, very simply, the client does not pay.