Workshops for Students.

And their parents.

Whether you are contemplating college, applying for college, in college, or preparing to graduate from college, allow Michael to share his experiences as a business professional, college professor, career counselor, academic adviser and a parent, to help guide you to post-graduation success-- however, you define it!   ​

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Business workshops.

Prepare your team to excel by scheduling one of the featured highly interactive workshops designed to immediately impact the success of your business.  Or allow Michael to custom-design a workshop based upon the specific needs and culture of your business enterprise. ​

Workshop options. 

Workshops are available in a variety of formats, ranging from 20-minute 'keynote' addresses to full-day, highly-interactive workshops. 

Business workshops and customized training may also be delivered as two-to-five day seminars during which participants will develop an actionable plan designed to positively impact business outcomes. 

Pricing can be arranged per-participant or on a flat rate.  And satisfaction with Michael's workshops are guaranteed.  See FEES & HONORARIUMS section for more information. 

Professional & Personal Development.

Workshops are available on a wide variety of topics to assist individuals improve their personal productivity, effectively set and achieve goals, improve work-life balance, navigate a career change, or to live a more value-centered life. These workshops are ideal for delivery at conferences for professional associations, at corporate events, for church groups, and in other educational settings in which the goal is to provide participants with an opportunity for personal growth and life enrichment.

Workshops & Seminars