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Fees and Honorariums.

A client's complete satisfaction with the workshops, seminars, and services provided is guaranteed.  

Prior to a service being provided, Michael will provide the client with a recommended level of compensation that will be invoiced in exchange for the services provided. The honorarium invoice will be based upon the anticipated investment in time that Michael will make in delivering the services.

The amount actually paid by the client may be adjusted to an appropriate level by the client based completely upon their level of satisfaction with the services that have been provided.  If the client is not completely satisfied with the service, they may reduce the recommended compensation to any appropriate amount-- including nothing at all!

Michael's only request is that any direct out-of-pocket costs, including any travel costs associated with the project, be reimbursed.  An estimate of anticipated out-of-pocket costs will be provided and approved by the client in advance.  

Pro bono publico:

Workshops for high school students and their parents, university students, as well as non-profit organizations, will be provided on a complimentary basis, schedule permitting. These organizations will only be invoiced for travel expenses and other direct out-of-pocket costs.